Aloes D’eden composed by Hervé Senni from the Album Positive Grooves

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Hervé Senni – Aloes D’eden

Positive Grooves Remastered
Positive Grooves Remastered

The song aloes d’eden mixes different music genre. Latin-jazz for the main theme, that is composed over a really melodic chord progression in the style of Antonio Carlos Jobim. The B part is a solo vamp in odd meter in the pure style of progressive rock or progressive jazz.

My third album “Positive Grooves” is available on streaming and download websites.

The musical concept of this album is entirely different from the two others. I decided to explore a different approach to composition

The focus is on melody and grooves. The guitar solos are always minimal on purpose. The counter melody is usually more important and upfront. The guitar solo is definitely used as a background, and therefore simpler.

I also used warmer, and less aggressive acoustic guitar sounds and orchestrations are purer than my usual recording. Never more than three guitars at a time and effects are set lower to hear the real sound of the instrument.

As usual, all the guitar used are custom electric guitars built by me. The bass tracks are played with my beloved Squier Bass vi and drums performed by actual drummers through the amazing plugin EZdrummer.

We also exploited massively two new plugins from Native Audio to render real percussion tracks. The India and West Africa series.

You can listen to it for free on every streaming site available out there. If you like the album and wish to download the songs to enjoy them offline, you can download it on sites like Itunes, Google plays, and Amazon.

Genre: Jazz
Price: 0.99 USD
Collection Price: 9.9 USD

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