Strat Me Up Mid Tempo Instrumental Rock

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Strat Me Up from the Strat Me Up Album

I named it like that as a joke to the Rolling Stones mega-hit. I also used that name because I was using a Strat I build to record it.

The song is a beautiful mid-tempo rock, carrying a definite groove. In the intro, I used a whammy bar guitar stunt that I performed for a guitar demo using another Strat. A Fender modern Player that I heavily modified. Actually, everything was updated, except for the neck and the body. I still own that Fender strat. She is waiting for me back in France.

On the other hand, the custom strat I used to record the rest of the strat has been dismantled many times. I still have every part that was assembled on it, but quite frankly, I don’t know what models they are now. I’m only sure of one thing. They are in many guitars, and the body has been repainted time and time.

You can enjoy the video below that was automatically created by the Youtube crew. My entire albums are available at all the major streaming and downloading portal out there.

Sur Hervé Senni – Topic

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