CandyBrothers for Android with Admob

LIVE PREVIEWBUY FOR $14 is AS3.0 version. 2. It is a very interesting puzzle game. 3. Easy to change for AppStroe or Google Play. 4. Use Flash Professional cc or Flash Builder to edit. Support Touch function. 6. Increase or decrease the level is very simple, just change the .jons file. 7.Reskin is simple, just replace your images. All skin are in one fla file. (Assets.fla) 8.Play or stop music and audio separately. 9. code is easy to edit. 10.Update is free. 11. Document is included.

It is a puzzle game for Android, and it is also gaining popularity, on the other hand, it can help you make some $$$. So don’t wait for another chance and join us on the wave.

Download APK:

Here’s the APK file:

NOTE: If you plan to publish it as a PAID app in the AppStore (or add in-app purchases to remove ads), you will need to purchase this template under an extended license and if you need us to To implement IAP for you, please contact us using our profile contact form and we will get back to you with a quote.


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