TidySongs Review – The Truth About iTunes Organizer TidySongs

Quick review of the software

TidySongs is designed to help you clean and organize your music library easily and automatically. One of the problems with having a large music library is that it is easy for songs to have incorrect metadata. Metadata or an ID3 tag contains important information about the song, such as title, artist, album and genre. This information is often used to sort songs, and trying to find mislabeled songs can be difficult and boring, especially if you have thousands of songs. If you’ve ever moved your library from one computer to another, or added songs from different sources, this data can be very inconsistent. Using multiple programs to manage your music library is another source of confusion and can often result in duplicate tracks.

TidySongs automatically corrects all metadata in your song library. It uses an online database of over 4 million songs to automatically correct your music library metadata. It doesn’t use the current tags for a song, the software listens to the song and runs that information into its massive online music database. When it finds a match, it fills in the rest of the ID3 tags so your library is organized and easily searchable. This app even finds and downloads album artwork. Many music players now display the album artwork when playing a song, so it’s nice to have it available.

There are several programs that perform similar functions, although TidySongs is smarter and can clean your music library better. It also has a lot of options, so you can configure it to do exactly what you want. TidySongs is a great program and it makes organizing your music library incredibly easy.

Source by Julian Hooks

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