How to Travel Almost Around the Continents While Seated In Your Room – Positive Grooves Album

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“Finding ways to use the same guitar people have been using for 50 years to make sounds that no one has heard before is truly what gets me off.”

Well, I supposed Jeff Beck is not the only one who feels this way. As a matter of fact… so do I! That’s why I tried to, literally, “teleport” you around the world. At least using the only power I think I can conjure up to make it work… Music!

My first album “The Secret Room Sessions” was jazz fusion. The second one “Strat Me Up” was funk rock oriented. While this one, the third, owns a less “in your face” guitar sounds and acrobatic solos. I’m focusing more on grooves and melodies. I called it… “Positive Grooves”

Positive Grooves features six new songs. The musical genre of this album is mellower than my other two albums. Here you’ll be dazzled with an absolutely mental guitar solo that’ll ramp you up. Tracks like “Aloes D’eden” with its punchy complex timing that’s so compelling.

How about the well thought-through transition in the middle of “Indian Funk?” and for any reason, you’d love to ‘swing’ yourself up, “Micro Swing” got your back. The suiting “Quai Des Brunes” melodious guitar solo. And also the moment just when you’d love to have your love ones around your arm, “JTT” would keep the atmosphere warm.

Though crowded with tricky riffs and advanced harmony, the songs flow naturally. My main point was to make it sound straight forward and easy to listen to. The elaborated recipes concept stays in the kitchen. You can’t help it but just have to listen and enjoy.

I performed every track using my custom made guitars. Since years I decided to use only guitars I make, to fit my style of playing and sound search the best.

I sang a lot using the beautiful new device from Digitech: the Vocalist Live Harmony. This gem adds up to two separate vocal harmonies to the voice and allows me to make gorgeous choirs and compelling backgrounds.

I played all bass tracks using my beloved Squier 6 strings bass, the SQ VM Modified Bass VI. Nothing, whatsoever, is programmed. All tracks are played live.

Drums and percussions tracks are performed by real drummers and percussionists. I’m using Ezdrummer by Toontrack for the drums, and India and West Africa percussion plugins by Native Instrument in the Discovery Series. It was a blast to combine both real players in the same song and make it grooves like they were playing together.

You can listen to “Positive Grooves,” for free, on every music streaming sites available out there. Distrokid distributes my music and therefore, my albums can be found on almost every music streaming services online.

With a monthly registration to any of those music stores give you access to listen to every music you want for the price of your enrollment. The only thing you have to do is to look for my name: “Hervé Senni“, or the album name: “Positive Grooves.”

If for any reason, you want to download any of the songs or the entire album, to have it in your offline activities, you can buy them off for a couple of dollars.

The Secret Room Sessions is available in music stores online such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Rdio, Deezer, Tidal, YouTube Music, Microsoft Groove, Bandcamp, Shazam, MediaNet and 150+ smaller outlets

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