Herve Senni Group – Latin Jazz & Jazz Fusion | Montreal 1984

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Recorded at Harmonie studio in Longeuil, Quebec in one take, without overdubs.


  • Herve Senni: guitar, composition, arranging
  • Pierre Lafrenaye: Trompet
  • Jocelyn Menard: Tenor & soprano Saxes
  • Normand “Porky” Deveault: Piano/synth
  • Alain Picotte: Bass
  • Normand Bock: Percussion
  • Gilbert Trahan: Drums

Potion Magique = Magic Potion in English. Really cool soprano solo by Jocelyn Menard. I wrote this song in 20 minutes. I remember it well, it was in my apartment facing the Jean Talon metro ….
I called it like that because I thought the blend between reggae and swing was a mixture that worked well …

This number features both Normand. It is N. Bock who introduced  the salsa to the group. He played in the Queba at the time, with the great percussionist Don Alias ​​…. I remember the salsa lessons at each rehearsal…

Moustache de Baleine = Whales Moustache…. The odd song on the CD and, therefore, one of my favorite … It is a sort of  post nuclear Reggae. Well, this is what I thought When I wrote it. Don’t ask me why I named it like that. I have no clue. I wrote it really fast also, and I remember shouting out the title right after I finished it. I LOLEd pretty hard and the title remained… The harmony is based on the whole tone scale …

Song in 5/4 for the first part. In reality, it is a 15/4 loop. The pattern runs on 3 bars of 5/ 4. It would have been better to write it in 15/4, but I can easily imagine musician’s reaction if I come up with such a chart…

Suivez La ligne = Follow The Line. I did find the song’s title while watching endless line of sniffers queuing to the toilet to sniff up their noses  while we were playing. I was very happy to dedicate the song to them … many returned to their seats with a guilty expression … 😉 Great tenor sax solo by Jocelyn on a totally unplayable chord structure.

Funk song on the CD. It is my first composition. Well, not the first song I attempted to write, but the first one I finished with the entire arrangement.


That group played few years in Montreal jazz clubs and at the  International Jazz Festival of Montreal. We had a lot of success while we played, but opportunities to perform were way to rare to keep the group alive. There was not enough clubs  for this kind of lineup. Either we were too expensive, or the stage was too small to cram everyone in … 🙂

You can order the song(s) you like if you want to download them following this link

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