Herve Senni Trio – South of France 1999

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trio01Since my return to France in 1990, I didn’t have many opportunities to record my music. I have created many different lineups and played in a great number of places, but occasions to record weren’t that many or off poor quality.

I still managed to find two compositions, recorded as a trio in the late 90s. I was playing with a GR1 Roland guitar synthesizer and a Marshall amp at the time. I do not remember where these songs were recorded precisely, maybe in a studio in Cap d’Agde? I’m not too sure about that one.  I just remember they were taped for a demo to find gigs.

The trio lineup consisted of :

  • Herve Senni :  guitar synthesizer and electric guitar
  • Jean-Philippe Py : bass
  • Stéphane Céda : drums

Bathyscaphe : Free jazz inspiration, based on a modal harmony. Each interpretation of this song was entirely different each time. Apart from the theme, the solo part is entirely open. I love this approach to music, but it is very risky because it can often lead to uninteresting results. Everything depends on the cohesion of the group. You must be used to play together since a long time to have developed your own language, and be able to follow each other in order to create real music. It is impossible to make real free jazz with musicians you do not know well, even if they are excellent.

RDC: A tribute to Roland de Condé, author of a music dictionary in which I found the harmonic concept. It was quite a long time ago and, on one hand, I forgot the harmonic concept I used and on the second hand, I do not know where this famous dictionary is since years. I just remember it was a real good book and that I bought it second hand in a bookstore in Montreal, at the corner of Saint-Denis and Sherbrooke streets. Anyway, the song remains, and I find it very interesting.

You can download these songs for the modest sum of $ 1.29 at my  ReverbNation page.

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