Pedaltrain PT Pro-SC – The Best Pedalboard Solution

Pedaltrain PT Pro -SC. The best device to manage your pedals

Pedaltrain-PT-Pro-SCNeedless to say, I own quite a bunch of pedal. The pain to set them up each time forced me to find a solution. I wanted to have all the pedals assembled on a pedalboard, all connected to the main power supply.

After trying to build the pedalboard myself, I Googled extensively  to find the best possible solution. It bothered me to have to invest money into a pedalboard, a sum equivalent to a very good effect at that, but it was a necessity to avoid risk of premature damages.

Pedaltrain PT-Pro-SC
My Pedaltrain PT PRO- SC featuring all my beloved pedals

Pedaltrain PT PRO- SC is by far the most interesting option. It is slightly more expensive than competitors ( ie Gator ), but it is extremely light and the size of it is adequate to cram all my pedals and organize them the way I want. I still have some more room for extra goodies…

The elevated form of the pedalboard allows you to store things above and below it as well. You have all the room needed for the power supplies.

When your wiring is over, no cable sticks out. It looks really clean. You can wrap the power supply cables and the jacks underneath, passing them between the aluminum slats. Pedaltrain PT Pro-SC comes with enough Velcro to scratch the entire pedalboard and achieve a perfect fit.
Pedaltrain PT-Pro-SC1

I recommend using angle jack to save room as much as possible. I made ​​some custom cables myself to get the perfect length and the result is very satisfactory, although I bought some angle jacks too.

The Gig Bag delivered can store your pedals easily, but it seems a little too fragile if you need to go on the road, even if it is a very substantial protection. I recommend you to get the flight-case if you need to cram it in the band’s truck or in the baggage hold.
I’ll soon go through all of my pedals one at a time and explain how I use them, and also why I wired the pedalboard that way.


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