Lakshmi – Nu Jazz Extract from the Backyard Album

Lakshmi – Nu Jazz – Electro Jazz

Lakshmi is the first song of the Backyard album.
This song, as well as the entire album, mixes electro grooves with Indian or African rhythm as an overall sound to accompany my guitar playing.

In this song, I used the traditional Indian rhythm Lakshmi with an electro rhythm. The importance is on the bass line and the keyboard parts that render a hypnotic mood to the piece.

The guitars used are using crunch sounds. They are answering each other in a funk rock feel.

Every part performed is played in a less is more approach to hear each part precisely.
You can listen to the entire album for free on streaming platforms or download the full album on Itunes and alike.


Check out the link to my albums site to get all the URL needed to enjoy Backyard

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