Loaded pickguard for Stratocaster – Series / Parallel switch & varitone

Custom loaded pickguard for Stratocaster guitar type


Loaded pickguard – Series / Parallel switch & varitone for Stratocaster
Loaded pickguard – Series / Parallel switch & varitone for Stratocaster

This articleis a review of the last loaded pickguard I made for Stratocaster guitar type. The Switch Parallel / series allows you to add three additional sounds to your guitar.


Stratocaster’s are wired in parallel. This is the traditional wiring. Wiring single coils in parallel delivers that thin and percussive sound that make Stratocaster particular sound.

Wiring pickups in series delivers a more powerfull and fat sound. This is a traditional humbucker wiring.

The series/ parallel switch offers you both sound in one loaded pickguard.

  • Parallel position delivers the five traditional pickup setting on a Stratocaster.
  • Series position provides you three additional combinations that turn single coils into humbuckers.

The overall volume in series is much more powerful. It is very interesting for clean jazz sound and fatter distortioned sounds.

The pickguard is loaded with Wilkinson pickups MWHS type. These pickups are very powerful and quiet.

The six position varitone offers excellent tone control and allows you to get all sound. From warm jazz sound to the most hardcore rock sound.

The pickguard was assembled with silver solder and shielded with copper foil.

Get the Custom loaded pickguard for Stratocaster

Other type of Series/Parrallel Pickguards

Loaded pickguard for Stratocaster –  Series / Parallel switch & varitone

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