Mahalo – Hervé Senni Album available in Streaming & download

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Mahalo is the most current Hervé Senni Album available in Streaming & download, produced by BoitaKK Prod

mahalo-Hervé Senni

The virtual CD highlights the most recent tunes he composed for the soundtrack business he was involved in 2017 and 2018.

Mahalo highlights a collection of tunes in multiple music styles.

Ambibella: Ambiance track employing distorted guitar sound to play a short repetitive line over a climatic synthesizer framework. The distorted guitar is not aggressive despite the heavy sound. The heavy lead sound is tempered with a spatial delay pedal.

Mahalo: Overdub of different string instruments such as mandolin, mandola, Ukulele, Ubass, and Irish bouzouki.

Cool Picking and Resonator: this trio tune includes a backing acoustic guitar track in fingerpicking style and a bass. Both are supplementing a guitar solo performed using a custom resonator guitar.

Caribbean: was composed long ago. It was resting right into a portfolio under the form of music sheets. The arrangement was scrupulously recorded as written, performing each track all using different instruments. A good jazzy solo was improvised. The accordion track was recorded utilizing a synth guitar.

Folk: is a typical guitar duo song. It features an improvised solo on a cherished chord progression found in many of his tunes.

Arpeggio Suite: The song’s opening part is another old partition recorded respecting the orchestral chart. He had the idea to create two new variations in the song’s structure using electric guitars and contemporary background. The three parts chained together are making a pleasant musical crescendo.

Reverie: is another orchestral writing created using symphonic applications. It had been performed on the keyboard and corrected in midi.

Cool Picking Wah Resonator: This song uses the same lineup as the first version, with a different lead. Rather than utilizing a resonator guitar with a clean setting, he used the same resonator with a wah pedal.

Blues: is a medium swing tempo using a nylon guitar duo in a blues in F.

Uke: This is an upbeat song featuring electric and acoustic Ukulele and an electric guitar tuned in open G to perform a counter-melody utilizing a bottleneck.

Up Sweep: is another upbeat song using numerous strings instruments. The lineup is close to the previous music. The instruments used are a Classical guitar, a Ukulele, a synth guitar, and an electric guitar utilizing a bottleneck. It delivers a stimulating and positive groove.

Yeehaw: is an old country and western tune written years ago, back in the 80s. It is a hilarious tune, and it will be employed as a sung song on his oncoming album where he sings in Thaï. Good and demanding guitar solo performed on a custom-constructed telecaster that was quite difficult to achieve.

The album’s cover picture was taken at Mae Kuang Dam Lookout Stage, Luang Nuea, Doi Saket District, Chiang Mai in 2020 by Hervé Senni. You can browse the content on his traveling blog page (in french only) 

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