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Music Licensing Deal. The Best Way to Craft Professional Marketing Campaigns

Update: I stopped this service a while back because it wasn’t successful. The free music background provided by Youtube and alike killed the music licensing business. Even much bigger sites than mine terminated their activities. Time to move on, we are in 2020!

Music Licensing Deal Is a website distributing original music you can license, to use as instrumental background music for your promotional videos, slideshows, or any professional presentations you might have to do.

High-quality music is one of the best ingredients needed to deliver a professional looking promotion. It gives an identity to a product and gives a style that is going to drive interest to a targeted audience.

Music is everywhere
You might not have noticed it, but media with no music background is almost inexistent. Just think about it, and try to find a movie or an ad that has absolutely no music. Some intellectual movies have no music on purpose. It is made to accentuate an extremely depressing mood, and they are depressing… to watch!

Music Licensing Deal

I, Hervé Senni,  am the sole author producing music the site. All the songs distributed at musiclicensingdeal are composed and produced by me.

As an accomplished composer and arranger, I can render quality audio product in almost every style of music demanded. From jazz to Indi rock and from folk rock to heavy metal, and everything in between.

Browsing the site is incredibly easy. You can afford tracks individually or take advantage of package offers. To get access to the individual track, browse the music licensing shop link, and for package offers, shop the collection licensing deal, both located at the top of the page.

Prices at

  • Regular song or jingles are priced $49.95 a piece
  • Loops are priced $28 a piece
  • Bundle offers price is based on $15 a piece per track, be it a complete song, a jingle or a loop. If the pack owns ten songs, then the bundle price is $150.

This is the type of price you can find on most licensing websites.

Some sites are more expensive, and some others are cheaper. The more expensive sites are most of the time offering exclusive licenses deal. The track is only sold once to a single customer. Depending on the composer, it can be extremely pricey.

Some other Cheaper sites are licensing songs as low as $1 a piece.

If you are a marketer operating mostly online, the price of an exclusive right song can be way too high for the type of budget you might have.

>> Visit << sits in between. You can get a high-quality track that is not overplayed, for the same price of a regular license you get on larger websites. The difference is, the songs you get on bigger sites are already acquired many times, and chances that you hear the same background music on other products is high.

Licensing audio tracks for $1 is useless. At this price, you can get the same type of content for free on YouTube and on many small websites which are distributing their music for free, in the hope of AdSense revenue.

This kind of music is most of the time badly produced. And even if it sounds okay, you can be certain that the song is already used on thousands of videos and slideshows online.

It can be the perfect solution if you are doing videos for fun, or if you have zero budget for your self-promotion. But if you are a professional marketer working for a paying customer, or if you are a high-level webmaster promoting your products or websites, you must have music that is of high quality, and relatively unheard.

That is why comes in handy. The site being relatively unknown, the songs on sale are also less distributed. Therefore, you can get a track that has the quality and uniqueness of an exclusive right tune for the price of a regular one.

Custom Work

As a composer, I am a working incredibly fast. I can compose, record, mix, produce and upload a new song within three hours. That is to say, I’m also available for custom work, in the event you don’t find the track you’re looking for on my site.

If this is your case, you must use the contact form on my site to talk to me about your project precisely.

The way I approach custom work is simple and extremely attractive

Let’s say you do not need exclusive rights. You only want a song that fits perfectly with your video, and you don’t mind that the song could be acquired by somebody else later. In this event, and if I find your order appealing to other buyers on my website, I am offering my custom work for the same price of a regular license. That is to say, $49.95 a song. ( Up to three minutes of music, after having validated your project)

If you want exclusive rights, or if I’m not interested in producing a custom work to your need, because I don’t think it can be contracted again, the price needs to be discussed privately on a one-on-one case basis.

>> Visit <<

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