Distrokid Complete Overview of an Account – Over the Shoulder Video Included

Distrokid Review – The Best Way to Distribute Your Music Online

Due to the success of my first article about Distrokid , I decided to write a new blog post, much more complete than the first one, to review all the possibilities you have inside your account.

Distrokid is a music distributor online. To have your music published on streaming sites and downloading websites, you must be distributed. You cannot just simply upload your album on every site, and try to make money directly with them.

In the first the article I wrote, I covered my search for the best online distributor. If you are interested about this post, you can read it following this link.

You have three different type of accounts

  1. the Musician account. The price is $19.99 a year to publish an unlimited amount of albums for a single artist.
  2. the Musician Plus account. The price is $35.99 to publish an unlimited number of albums for two artists. You also have access to detailed statistics.
  3. the Label account. The price is $79.99 a year to publish an unlimited amount of albums for five artists. You also have access to daily detailed statistics.

Sign up to Distrokid 

Up to these days, I am enrolled in the first account. The lack of detailed statistics urges me to upgrade my account to the Musician Plus version. Recently I decided to promote my music, and I need to know the result of such a task. In the Musician account, stats are only updated every three months. It’s a bit of a drag when you want to track the results of your promotional efforts.

In the video, I’m starting the clip by detailing every step you need to do to release an album. It is incredibly simple. You only have to pay attentions to the title formatting. It is a straightforward task. 

I am also reviewing every option offered that might raise up your bill when you’re releasing your masterpiece. I’m giving my honest opinion about them, and as you can witness in the video, I am only using and recommending one of the paid options.

Watch inside Distrokid


Youtube Money; Use it with caution

I don’t want to repeat everything I said in the video, but there is one option that you must be extremely cautious about. It is the YouTube money one. This offer might appear appealing at first glance, but is extremely pricey and can be dangerous for your business if, like me, you are also into the music licensing business scheme.

What is YouTube money doing? It is adding custom code to every one of your wave files to track them with a bot online. If the bot stumbles on a video using your music on the tube, they are going to claim the advertisement money the person has made with this clip.

If you licensed the track to this person, he is going to be pretty mad at you to receive a copyright infringement claim. Buying a license is the only reason why marketers are paying for it. Licensing is made to be able to use your music without any issue and to be able to make money with AdSense ads.

Using this option in the best way to kill your business. On top of it, the price is extremely high. The yearly fee is so high the fraudster must have 10’s of millions of views to be financially lucrative.


Another crucial aspect of Distrokid is: you cannot downgrade or modify any album once published. If you decide to downgrade from an option, or if you want to edit a song, add a new one, or erase one, you must kill the album, and start all over again from the beginning.

Despite some of these comments that might sound negative, Distrokid is the best solution out there to distribute your music online, at the best price. Not only they are the cheapest, but they are not taking any percentage out of your earnings.

According to my research before my enrollment, they are the only one who gives you 100% of your earning, and they are also the cheapest.

All the other services available charge a fee for each album you are distributing, and the cost is much higher than what you would have to pay at Distrokid.

Sign up to Distrokid now

If you proceed to sign up now, you might have an album live within an hour.

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