Seven Course Meal – Instrumental Progressive Rock Album

Odd Meter Instrumental Progressive Rock AlbumOdd Meter Instrumental Progressive Rock Album

The ninth Hervé Senni album is out. This entire Instrumental Progressive Rock Album is in 7/8 odd meter.

The idea behind the title is that I was searching for something related to seven-eight rhythm. While browsing my favorite website in search of a title (urban dictionary), and having tried every seven combos I could think of, I ended up with the Seven Course Meal definition.

I laughed so hard that I decided to use it as a title. I have good Irish friends, and I’ve been there to visit them a few times. I had many seven course meals over there.  Actually, they were twenty-course meals if I remember right… and I do. Most of the time the potato was missing, but nobody ever complained.

I know that the title has nothing to do with an instrumental album in odd meters which might sound a bit intellectual, but it recalled so many good souvenirs that I decided to use it as a title.

Here is the Urban dictionary definition :

What an Irishman calls a 6 pack of beer and a boiled potato.
American: I remember once, the wife and I enjoyed a seven course meal.

Irishman: Hell, I have a seven course meal everynight!

Needless to say, all the songs except one owns the word Seven in the title (RDC), and most of them were found on the Urban Dictionary website, minus Seven Brunette and Senniac Seven. RDC stands for Roland De Candé, which is the name of the French musicologist who wrote the music dictionary where I find the harmonic concept of the song. Sadly I forgot what that concept is, but I like the theme, so…

RDC stands also for ‘rez de chaussé’  (ground floor in English) and ‘République Démocratique du Congo’  (The Democratic Republic of Gongo) where my best childhood friend, my brother Albert, lives an adventurous gold digger life.

Here is the album on Spotify

You need to be logged in your account in order to enjoy the complete album for free

I play the entire album with the same two custom guitars that I have built. A 24 fret neck-through guitar with a sustaniac system and a fretless guitar also featuring a sustaniac device.

I named the 24 fret one Senniac, a contraction of my name and the never-ending sustain gismo brand.

I played the bass lines using my Squier Vintage Modified Bass VI, and the drums part are performed by the ultra-talented drummer: Magnus Brandell

Some songs such as; Seven Relaxabrate, Seven Brunette, and RDC are old songs in 4/4 that I rearranged in 7/8. The first two are available in their original structure on the albums Keep It Simple, and Positive Grooves. The last one, RDC original version, is yet to be recorded.

Finally, the cover is an original drawing of my good old friend from high school, Wilfried Burgelin. He is as talented as an illustrator that he is as lazy as a man. This cartoonist genius owns gold in his hands, but he just doesn’t care…  It turns me mad, but after trying countless time to persuade him to produce a comic or whatever he can come up with, I just gave up.

You can listen to the album on streaming platforms for free, and you can also download it for a small amount of money on popular downloading properties.

Here is the album on Deezer

same as spotify, you have to be logged in your account to stream the entire album for free

Links to stream or to download Seven Course Meal

and many more….


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