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herve senni

Loaded pickguard for Stratocaster – Series / Parallel switch & varitone

Loaded pickguard – Series / Parallel switch & varitone for Stratocaster

Custom loaded pickguard for Stratocaster guitar type

This article is a review of the last loaded pickguard I made for Stratocaster guitar type. The Switch Parallel / series allows you to add three additional sounds to your guitar.

Stratocaster’s are wired in parallel. This is the traditional wiring. Wiring… Continue reading

Six Position Varitone Installed on Fender Stratocaster Modern Player Model

6 Positions Varitone For Guitar & Bass

Enhance Your Guitar Tone Easily

As you may know, I decided to launch my guitar parts website where I’m selling my electronic customs products and high quality and imported parts.

In this article, I am presenting a standalone six position varitone I am installing on most of my loaded pickguard.

If you want… Continue reading

SSS Loaded Pickguard – Wilkinson Pickups – Varitone & Warm Switch for Stratocaster Guitar Type

SSS Loaded Pickguard – Wilkinson MWHS Pickups & 6 Positions Varitone

Enhance Your Stratocaster Sound

The SSS Loaded Pickguard featuring Wilkinson pickups as well as a six-position varitone and a warm switch is a really affordable and great way to improve significantly your Stratocaster type guitar.

Stratocaster is a great guitar body. But even the real Fender ones are limited… Continue reading

How to Set up a Floyd Rose Vibrato in a Floating Position

Learn how to set up your tremolo easily

Floyd Rose vibrato are among the best whammy bars available in the market. When set correctly, they deliver a fantastic job. You can achieve dive bombs or bend up your strings to make really cool effects.

The problem is, it is not obvious to set up. Out-of-the-box it looks like it, but… Continue reading

Funk That Map MP3 – Airline Map from Eastwood Guitars

Listen to Funk That Map Hosted on Mixcloud

I recently discovered another musical portal to host my music. It is Mixcloud. If you own an account on this website, you can follow me, and I’d be happy to follow you back. Funk That Map is a song I wrote to demo my Airline Gap guitar from Eastwood Guitars. It’s a… Continue reading

Sound Cloud – Listen Herve Senni’s Music

Sound Cloud: My New Social Media Account

Sound Cloud is one of the most important music portal online. After setting up my account at ReverbNation, I logically created my Sound Cloud account.

I’m euphoric about it. It was extremely easy and fast to upload all the songs I have posted at ReverbNation. I uploaded them all in one go.… Continue reading

Fender Stratocaster Modern Player HSH Test – Chinese Stratocaster Model

Mahogany Fender Stratocaster from China

As you probably know, Fender expanded their factories around the word. After making guitars in Mexico since years, they decided to take benefit of the cheap and high-quality labor from Chinese guitar makers. Who can blame them? Every big brand and smaller ones are doing the same. It’s a pity for local workers in so-called… Continue reading – New Artist Website on ReverbNation

Web 3.0 Website Featuring My Music

Recently, I turned to the Pro version of my ReverbNation account. It gives many more tools to promote your music. I just finished to make my personal web 3.0 page and reserved the sweet domain name of

This new form of website, called web 3.0 is extremely popular nowadays. You can see… Continue reading

Funk You MP3 – Custom Scalloped Fender Stratocaster

Listen to Funk You Hosted on ReverbNation

I recorded that song right after I assembled my scalloped Stratocaster. I made a post about it where I explained how I did it and how much it cost me. If you are interested about it, check the post here. I composed it for one of my last band, somewhere… Continue reading