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herve senni

“Strat Me Up” Album – the Rave of A Rocky Sound

Strat Me Up is available in streaming and download

You know how some people use to say that Rock music is electronic music and that it depends entirely on electronic circuitry and amplification. You feel the vibe, distortion and blazing effects of the instruments right into your soul.

Well, that’s the definition of “Strat Me Up

After the… Continue reading

The Electrifying Mood Swing Jazz and Rock Fusion of the Secret Room Sessions

The Secret Room Sessions is available in streaming & download

It was Vera Nazarian who said, “If Music is a Place — then Jazz is the City, Folk is the Wilderness, Rock is the Road, Classical is a Temple.

Well, what do you know? I have chosen to go with the “city” and the “road” part. I… Continue reading

Happy new year 2016

Happy new year 2016

2015 have been an extremely busy and dramatic year. I have been quiet on this site for a while because I was working on the release of two albums that are now available on every platform. I am going to review them in the coming weeks. I also decided to update the site on a more… Continue reading

Cubase Tutorial -how to set the tempo – Accelerendo / Ralentendo

Give life to your songs

It can be very interesting to create Accelerando or Ralentendo in a composition, or just be able to vary the speed slightly.

Either to create real Ralentendo and/or Accelerando in an introduction or a coda, but also to recreate the dynamism of a real band. For example, during a solo, musicians tend to accelerate slightly,… Continue reading

9 – Way Switching Strat System Featuring Half Out Of Phase Middle Pickup and Varitone

Loaded Pickguard Or Complete Guitar Available

This article covers two different and complementary products in one.

I recently set up a new Stratocaster featuring the less common, but extremely interesting pickguard known under the name off 9 – Way Switching Strat System. It also has the middle pick up half out-of-phase, also identified has the hOoP setting. Don’t ask me… Continue reading

Loaded Pickguard Series/Split/Parallel for Stratocaster Featuring Hot Rail Belcat Pickups & Varitone

 Hot Rail Series/Split/Parallel Pickguard

This pickguard features individual series split parallel switch. It allows every possible pickup setting. Each pickup can be in series, splitted or in parallel.

The parallel setting is extremely impressive. It sounds almost like single coil but with the silence of humbucker wired in series. It is even more silent than a regular series… Continue reading

Custom Stratocaster SSS Series Parallel & Warm Switch Setting – Wilkinson Pickups

Custom Stratocaster assembled with handmade loaded pickguard

This Union Jack designed Stratocaster will please UK guitar players. I assembled it with a loaded pickguard featuring the parallel and series setting, as well as a warm switch and a six position varitone.

The guitar has a 22 frets Maple neck with a Rosewood fingerboard. The body is made out of Basswood.… Continue reading

HH Stratocaster Loaded Pickguard Featuring Wilkinson WHHB Humbuckers Alnico V Pickups

HH Pickguard for Stratocaster Guitar Type

In my search of releasing every possible Stratocaster pickguard imaginable; I recently released the HH Stratocaster loaded big or featuring Wilkinson WHHB humbuckers.

The pickguard is intended for people using Stratocaster guitar who are more into big rock sound. People who don’t care about the middle pickup and the funky type of sound… Continue reading

Loaded Stratocaster Pickguard – Belcat BHS-94 Hot Rail Alnico V Humbuckers

Hot Rail Humbuckers with the size of Single Coils

This loaded pickguard features three Belcat hot rail humbucker pickups. It is an entirely different sound compared the pickguard I am usually producing.

The sound is much fatter and powerful that regular single coils or humbuckers commonly used on Stratocaster. It’s amazing the volume these pickups have.

Hot rails are a… Continue reading