Secret Room Music – Home Studio Extravaganza
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herve senni

Home Studio Soundproofing Part 1

Installing the sound absorber foam

Here is few pictures that show you the current state of my up and coming home studio. As already mentioned in a previous video, I am still waiting for a soundproofed door that long in coming. Given that the door will not be there before May 24, I decided to soundproof the studio, leaving a… Continue reading

Waiting The Home Studio

Last step before the home studio completion

As I explained in the video bellow, I’m waiting for a soundproofed door to complete the building of my home studio. This the last but crucial step to complete the studio. is a site intended to review musical gears, such as guitars, effects, amps and all the required studio gears you need… Continue reading

Welcome to

Stay tuned a new site is coming


Get ready for high quality original content on guitar and music in general.

I am working on a brand new bilingual site covering all the gears you need to perform at the highest level.

Right now I am moving and finishing my home studio, The Secret Room, where I’ll be recording and… Continue reading